Monday, September 22, 2014


The more I browse the humor section of Pinterest, the more I realize that i could not handle Australia with all of its insane spiders. I can barely handle Seattle's spiders and they are maybe the size of a nickel.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

My health is crap

Today really sucks.

I have a 3 and a half year old son. I would really like to have more children but it just can't happen in the short term. And that really sucks.

I was on bed rest with my Honey Bear for 3 months.  3 MONTHS. It was completely worth it, but it also trashed my health. My son doesn't have the mom he deserves because I am still working to be healthy and strong again. I had hoped to have my children reasonably close together but at this point Honey Bear will probably be 6 years old.

I am 4 years younger than my sister and you know what?  We are close and we're not really friends. We try but there is nothing there, we are too far apart to have anything in common. I don't want that for my children,  I wanted to at least give them a chance to be close to their siblings.

I am on the right track, but I developed Adult Onset Asthma after pregnancy--it took them 9 months to figure out my breathing problems because it is rare to develop asthma as an adult. So those first 9 months of Honey Bears life I was useless, the next year went alright but very complicated with learning to control my asthma. Then I manages to develop an S - I strain in my lower back that was so painful that the doctors initially read the X ray as a crack in my spine. Then came months of rest and physical therapy....then came Pneumonia, that landed me in the hospital for a few days. Thus, setting my breathing back even more, as well as my resolve to improve my health.

Life is sucking today, as I realize I might only have 1 more pregnancy left in me....Anyone know how to have triplets?

Friday, July 11, 2014

Evil Scientist

So, I order a lot of my groceries,  at least the standard heavy items so I don't have to carry them up a flight of stairs. Today I ordered frozen items, which come with some dry ice to keep things cool.

Today my order came with a crap load  of dry ice! I love playing with that stuff, it makes me feel like I am some sort of evil scientist plotting something and my 3 year old is my evil assistant and then we laugh and he squeals....I mean we cackle is tons of fun.

But then it....evaporates? (is that what it does? melts, evaporates, vaporizes? oh well, it disappears) and all the evil plotting evaporates and we can't quite remember what we were going to overthrow or how we were going to do it.

Oh well, maybe next time!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

All the Single Ladies

This weekend I went to a dear friend's wedding. I hadn't seen her in 6 or 7 years but back in college we lived together for freshman and sophomore years. We were randomly assigned to be dorm roommates and it could not have worked out better. We are a little different but just enough that we got along great.

Anyway, that's why it was so important to me to be there to celebrate her marriage. I had to take a 3 hour flight to do it, I was only in town for 31 hours, but it was totally worth it to see her so happy and a newlywed!

When planning my trip, she coordinated with her (soon to be former) roommates and me that they would pick me up for the day. It meant I didn't need a rental car so I was game, but nervous about spending the day with 3 women I didn't know. I am super talented when it comes to anxiety so that was fun.

For example,  ladies said they would pick me up at 7:25 am and at 7:23 am I was waiting at the door and worried they forgot about me. But they were awesome! They drove up at exactly 7:25 am and I really appreciated it.

They literally let me follow them around all day--a 15 hour day--and I felt included and like I had known them for years and years. I tried hard to be unobtrusive and blend in to the crowd but it is hard when all I have to add to the conversation is stuff about my husband and 3 year old.  Three single ladies don't want to hear about married life and kids so I had no idea what to do with myself. But I got to talk too--I kept the happy family talk to a minimum,  but even then they didn't seem to mind my story of how I got my first date with my husband.  :-D

Basically,  what it came down to is I found out that single women are a lot more inclusive than married ones. To be perfectly honest,  a small, but distinct, reason I wanted to go to the wedding so bad is that I am lonely. I just don't have a bunch of friends that I do things with where I live. I have tried to get to know the women at church but that hasn't gone the best. At least not for any kind of Girls Night outings.

The wedding was beautiful and the reception was so much fun. I got to talk to my newly married friend for a few minutes here and there all day. It was wonderful.

I had a great day.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Breakfast foods

So my Hubby is basically insane.  He has straight up RULES about his breakfast when it comes to French Toast, Pancakes, and Waffles! 

French Toast may only be eaten with a powdered sugar topping.
Pancakes may only be eaten with a syrup topping.
  • Fake syrup only, real maple tastes bad.
  • Addendum: Real Maple Grade B syrup is permissible, no bad aftertaste.
Waffles may only be eaten with whipped cream and fruit.

Do you want to know what happens when we decide to make one of these and don't have the appropriate corresponding topping?  He eats them PLAIN! and is all "no, no, it is fine this way, I don't need a topping."  Even when we are guest in someone's home!  In my opinion at that point it is time to suck it up and eat the equivalent of the vegetables at dinner--you know the ones I mean.  When someone invites you to their home and they serve something that you don't like but you eat it anyway to be polite so no one feels bad.  It is seriously that kind of situation, because seriously, who likes plain pancakes? or waffles? or French Toast?  Well, at least that last one has an egg coating, their could be some redeeming value there.....but still!

I admit I have a preference to my topping--it is the same for each of these foods (maple syrup with a touch of powdered sugar)--but guess what, I can totally eat any of them with any topping without being a martyr.

Now if you can't eat one of these things because of dietary reasons that would be totally different.

Hubby is not just a creature of habit, he is more like a creature of undeviating opinions who claims to be flexible but that just isn't true....after 7 years married, actions speak louder than words, my love....much louder!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sesame Street Has Changed Me

Having a child has changed me.  Not only do I watch Sesame Street periodically, but sometimes I make my husband watch clips after school that I think HE would like....because I liked them....oh dear.  Sesame Street has changed me.

I swear it's not my fault!  I think Sesame Street has gotten better recently. 

See!  Hubby needs to watch this stuff!  That and the song about "Dads" and the funny faces that babies make when they meet Elmo and....I think I have a problem....

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Cutting Grass

Well, I didn't think I'd have another post so soon about people who suck but as bad luck would have it I do.
We have lived in out apartment for 3 years now and I am regularly getting irritated by the rental house next door.  Our apartment  bedrooms line up perfectly with their backyard which turns out to be a mecca of irritation.
In the past they always seem to be doing something to their back yard at the most inopportune times.  When I was pregnant they decided to re-sod their yard starting at 7am 6 days a week....a pregnant lady needs her sleep!  Seriously, I just wanted to sleep til 8am but no they would not have it.  Oh, and they did a full in deapth re-sodding with very loud machines and it went on for 2 months.
At night the tenents, would leave their flood lights of excessive wattage on all night and it is almost directly pointed at our window.  I swear it wasn't even a motion detector--it was just ON.
I know what you're thinking but, no, I really am not irrational with my irritation.  There have also been many, many times that they have had backyard parties late into the night, however, those don't bother me.  (On those nights they always remember to turn off the flood light.)
The latest infraction is one that has been going on regularly for a while but this time they went over then line!  We haven't been home all summer but I swear no one has mowed the lawn in 3 months (making that re-sodding 2 years ago pointless). 

See how narly the unmowed grass is?!
They chose to hire people to tame the montrasity that is now their backyard who chose to get started at 2:30pm in 83 degree heat....during my son's nap and mine--I don't nap everyday during his naps but they chose to do this during the first nap I've taken in months?!  It woke both of us up an hour before naptime would have been over!

Double the noise equals half the time to be woken up
I'm not sure why but the stopping and restarting of the lawnmower when emptying the cut grass makes it even more evil and harder to sleep through.  Grrrr beit (pronounced BE-it) yardwork!

Grass Emptying #87
Don't worry, I realize that most of these issues are from the Owner and not the Tenents--no retaliation will insue :(

Although, don't get me started on the time they got a puppy....and left him outside all night....every night....barking.