Wednesday, August 10, 2011

PaperBackSwap: New (To You) on a Budget

My sister loves to read and her library is quite impressive.  The best part is that her library is constantly changing.  She manages to do this with very little cost by using a great website called  I am not sure where she heard of this site but it has quickly become a favorite of hers and mine and every Book Lover that we tell about it.

The way that works is that (1) you post all the books that you are ready to get rid of by their ISBN, (2) mail the books that others request to them thus earning credits, and (3) request books from others with the credits that you earned mailing out your old books.  The site is pretty awesome in that it is a one-to-one swap but it ends up being a three-way swap because you send your book to one person and get a book from another.

There is no cost to become a member but there is some cost involved.  You are responsible for the cost of mailing your book to the new owner.  But by extension the other person is paying to send their book to you so it all evens out pretty well.  So, the only money that you spend goes directly to the post office and can be very little depending on book weight.  (There is an option to get the postage though but I think there is a small fee to use that so I never do, instead I just stop by the Post Office when I am already out doing errands)

I have used this site several times, primarily with Hubby’s old Spanish textbooks.  In college, he was required to read some Spanish Literature but the college bookstore never bought them back and he held on to them hoping that the next semester the bookstore would.  This also worked on textbooks that I couldn’t get rid of either.  This isn’t a quick fix for most random books but eventually I was able to get rid of our old books and choose new ones.

Getting books is really easy and you can pick out ones from every genre.  The one that I am most interested in right now is the Children’s books because of my 7 month old, Honey Bear (because he is such a sweet little boy!)  And, you don’t have to worry about condition because has standards that everyone has to follow.  I have never had a problem so far and I don’t anticipate any in the future.

If there are any books that you feel that you have read enough and are ready for something new on a budget I strongly recommend!

Trade Books for Free - PaperBack Swap.

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