Monday, August 1, 2011

Wife, Mother, Moonlight Blogger

My name is Heather and I am the wife of a soon to be MBA student and a brand new mother. 

Hubby and I have been married for four years and during that time I finished college with a BS in Home & Family Living from Brigham Young University.  I am now counting on my major to guide me through the next two years.  Hubby, having finished his degree from BYU before I met him, has been working a good, steady job this whole time.  His plan has always been to attend a graduate school and he picked Business School in order to get his Masters of Business Administration.
To be perfectly honest, our marriage has been low on financial stress to this point having been able to pay our bills easily as long as we budgeted and were reasonably careful with purchases.  Doing so, we’ve been able to save up some money for Grad School but definitely not all that we would need for 2 years. 
Now, this is going to sound insane but…Hubby is voluntarily and intentionally quitting his job to return to school for a 2 year MBA program.  And thus begin our financial struggles.  This is going to be a crazy adventure but we are sure that it is best for our future…in the meantime it is probably going to suck.  How much it sucks, I have decided, is up to me and my awesome Home & Family skills I picked up in college.
My job is to keep the home running and figure out a way to survive off our savings and live on student loans while raising our incredibly adorable son.  So my goals as the wife of a Grad Student are these:
·         Make do with our saving and student loans without borrowing more than necessary

·         Keep Hubby’s stress exclusively oriented around school and not finances or the home

·         Raise our sweet, energetic son with all the love and attention that I can give him

·         Run the home efficiently by managing the costs of groceries and other regular purchases

·         Enjoy life on a shoestring budget
I am quite certain that I can find ways to achieve all this without losing my mind…or at least not all of it.
So here I am, a wife and mother who Moonlights as a Blogger.

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