Monday, September 19, 2011

Baby Proofing My Desk -- Part 1

Well, the time has come.  My baby is mobile.  So, here are my two thoughts (1) Awwww, he is growing up so fast! and (2) Ah, crap!  My entire living room is still a death trap. 

Here is my problem, our family computer is in the living room and I like it set up to have excess wires underneath the desk--which happens to be at just the right height for a baby to chew on when supervision glaces away for any longer than 2 seconds.  Now, since the idea of baby gating off half the living room in order to protect the computer and flat screen T.V. is actually more irrational in reality than one hopes; I have to reorganize all cords to protect everything that inhabits my home at any given time (inanimate or otherwise).

Here is the problem with each detail clearly marked with a giant red circle:
My messy desk in all its glory.

The underside of my desk.  The plan is to
reorganize everything to be on top of the desk.
Notice all the insane hazards?  Yeah, me too.  Only to Honey Bear they are fun playthings to explore, lick, and bite.  I have to get this all finished this week....hopefully each and everyone of those circles will disappear.

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  1. You now have the motivation to complete your task. Looking forward to how you manage it. Good post!