Monday, October 10, 2011

Baby Proofing My Desk -- Part 2

As an update, Honey Bear cannot reach anything dangerous....  However, to quote Hubby, I have just "kicked the bucket down the road" because the top of my desk has become a disaster and I am always out of time to organize.  Which sucks because organizing is my bliss--sappy and sad but noetheless true.

In order to even get this far I had to breakout the hand-me-down Pack 'n' Play for Honey Bear because I needed to have my back turned for at least a few minutes at a time in order to get ANYTHING down at all and he is just a little too quick, interested, and smart to not be fully supervised in a "construction zone."  As luck would have it it took him all afternoon to realize that he was being restrained since I have never had the play pen out before, instead it was something new and interesting to investigate for a couple hours!

Now it is time to move onto the top of the desk, it must be organized before being photographed--it must!

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