Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Note About a Grad Students Social Life

So, Hubby as been attending school for nearly 2 months now and I have come know a few things.
  1. While he is not technically graded on Networking Parties; it is important to always attend, look sharp, and be sociable.  If these parties were graded it would be Pass/Fail where it is much easier to fail than pass since first impressions can be decided in seconds.
  2. If spouses/significant others are invited to said parties it is necessary to attend--more importantly it is necessary to look just as great/impressive as the student looks--as you are a reflection of that student and therefore a part of their resumé.  I know it is hard to swallow but it is true--when you are in the students world it is your job to make them look good.
  3. It is your job to make the student look good because every single person there is a potential contact to a dream job.
  4. But on the fun side, you get to have plenty of beautiful and classy clothes!  Just think of them as a necessary investment in your future.  If the student needs them so do you--although they might need more variety because spouses/significants are not always invited.
I hope to learn more.  Some of the wives that I have met are intense and intimidating!  (Not that I let them know that I am thinking those things)

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