Thursday, September 6, 2012

Crappy Cellphone

So I am sitting here watching my son play with my crappy cell phone that I have withheld from him since he was born so that he would not eat, lick, or break the thing.  First it was cute watching him pretend to have a conversation with someone (probably Daddy since that is who I am usually on the phone with) but also nerve wracking that he might break it and then I started thinking....

"if he breaks it, maybe I can get a new, better, crappy phone!"

....and then....

"oh, better! Maybe if he breaks it people will stop calling me and leaving voicemails, forcing me to sit through the INSANELY long intro message that my "Service" provider insists on attatching to EVERY SINGLE voicemail.  When hanging up and knowing that  I will see them under missed calls and call them back anyway.  Or if that is not preferrable texting me any specifics.  Especially when it requires me to write something down....I can't handle that.  Just text me the address--not directions I have a Garmin for that, her name is Jill."

I know what you are thinking "why don't you just answer the phone when it rings?"  I will tell you why, "Because I frequently and repeatedly misplace the crappy thing!"  Most recently I misplaced it for 3 days (in the car).  Whats more is that on the first day it was missing it occurred to me that it was probably in the car and I had NO desire to go find out for sure (I was already in my pajamas and it was bedtime).  I was confident it was there and that was good enough--I'd check my messages later all at once (the only ones that I had missed were from Hubby telling me he was on his way home from work which I honestly figured out instantly when he walked through the door).

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