Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Psst....This Stays Just Between Us

So, Hubby is going to be irritated that I told you this but I can't resist! 

Last night we were watching a TV show geared towards me so natuarally there were lots of commercials that advertisers thought that I'd be interested in, due to my being female.  Anyway, I guess the commercials were frustrating Hubby so he started complaining about all of them before finally exploding with: "And what is THAT supposed to mean!"  As if I can explain the logic behind a make-up commercial much less a tampon commercial!

I tried to explain this to him but he still believes that I should understand the thought process behind

  1. talking furniture
  2. reality shows about a whole lot of Nannies with no mention of the children they take care of or the families they work for
  3. boys wearing make-up in a face wash commercial
  4. the entire concepts behind any and all tampon commercials and be able to explain them to a man
  5. and especially what make-up initials stand for!

It was around that last one that I had to emphasize that I am not an advertizing executive or a CENS (Chief Executive of Naming Stuff).  Next I think he wants me to explain the inner most thought process of Honey Bear (our almost 20 month old son). 

I guess it is flattering that he thinks I can explain this stuff....except that it is weird stuff which probably means that Hubby thinks I am weird....

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