Friday, September 7, 2012

Seriously? I mean...SERIOUSLY!?

As an MBA wife I have to go to these social events--"they" tell me that these events are good for networking and future job hunting....well I have just one thing to say about that..."THEY" suck!

Do you know who else sucks?  All the skinny MBA wives who plan pool parties!  Seriously.  Both years now I have had to go to these things and it is just ridiculous.  Last year I thought that I could get away with not getting in the pool because I had a 7 month old and no one wants to see that.  The stupid hostess had a freaking 3 week old baby girl AND was wearing a swimsuit (one piece) AND it was freaking WHITE!  Darn her straight to heck but she looked good!  It was ridiculous and I wanted to cry the entire time there, but no, I had to smile and socialize and pretend to be a model wife.  Do you know what the worst part was last year?  The hostess--you know the had-a-baby-3-weeks-ago-brand-new-mommy-wearing-a-white-swimsuit-with-enough-energy-to-plan-a-pool-party-hostess--she was really nice.  I think I hate her. 

This year was not much better, different hostess, but about the same.  I am not really in much better shape and I knew that "I just had a baby 19 months ago" wasn't really gonna cut it but it is all I have!  The rest of my excuse is just trying a bit too hard not to be judged--it's totally legitimate too!  Probably.  I still didn't get in the pool.  And you can't make me do it any time soon.

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