Saturday, June 21, 2014

Breakfast foods

So my Hubby is basically insane.  He has straight up RULES about his breakfast when it comes to French Toast, Pancakes, and Waffles! 

French Toast may only be eaten with a powdered sugar topping.
Pancakes may only be eaten with a syrup topping.
  • Fake syrup only, real maple tastes bad.
  • Addendum: Real Maple Grade B syrup is permissible, no bad aftertaste.
Waffles may only be eaten with whipped cream and fruit.

Do you want to know what happens when we decide to make one of these and don't have the appropriate corresponding topping?  He eats them PLAIN! and is all "no, no, it is fine this way, I don't need a topping."  Even when we are guest in someone's home!  In my opinion at that point it is time to suck it up and eat the equivalent of the vegetables at dinner--you know the ones I mean.  When someone invites you to their home and they serve something that you don't like but you eat it anyway to be polite so no one feels bad.  It is seriously that kind of situation, because seriously, who likes plain pancakes? or waffles? or French Toast?  Well, at least that last one has an egg coating, their could be some redeeming value there.....but still!

I admit I have a preference to my topping--it is the same for each of these foods (maple syrup with a touch of powdered sugar)--but guess what, I can totally eat any of them with any topping without being a martyr.

Now if you can't eat one of these things because of dietary reasons that would be totally different.

Hubby is not just a creature of habit, he is more like a creature of undeviating opinions who claims to be flexible but that just isn't true....after 7 years married, actions speak louder than words, my love....much louder!

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