Friday, July 11, 2014

Evil Scientist

So, I order a lot of my groceries,  at least the standard heavy items so I don't have to carry them up a flight of stairs. Today I ordered frozen items, which come with some dry ice to keep things cool.

Today my order came with a crap load  of dry ice! I love playing with that stuff, it makes me feel like I am some sort of evil scientist plotting something and my 3 year old is my evil assistant and then we laugh and he squeals....I mean we cackle is tons of fun.

But then it....evaporates? (is that what it does? melts, evaporates, vaporizes? oh well, it disappears) and all the evil plotting evaporates and we can't quite remember what we were going to overthrow or how we were going to do it.

Oh well, maybe next time!